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26.04.016 – decided to put Honoloko-2 development on pause while I study the Udemy Masterclass The Complete Unity Developer course. Its 51.5 hours and learning C# is taught alongside the development environment which will help me a lot. It´s approx 3 months of study and will mean that the Honoloko projects can be started in August, when I have less work commitments.

25.04.016 – struggled but succeeded in creating a UV map in Blender, and skinning a 3D primitive in Unity.

23 Feb 2016

I´ve decided to learn C++ as my lower-level programming language. It is a whole nother world of code compared to the ECMA level stuff I am so used to, but it is the right language to learn if I want to get dirty in the world of games-development. I´m planning to reboot one of my London games with C++ as part of the folio 2016 project list.





cdDesignSizedDecided to recreate the Honoloko game as a family of isometric web-games using Unity. The first will be a platform game, and aside from being a learning experience will also allow me the opportunity to review and revise the graphic style of the original game. The intention is to reuse as much as possible, but some things will inevitably need remixing and creating from scratch.




Completed my first 3D game in Unity.




Working with Unity. Everything is new. I am following a simple tutorial on the Unity site.